Posted: 11/11/2019

FRONTIER TEXAS FRESH HEIFERS FOR SALE. Call JT Randle today for your semi-load of Frontier Texas Fresh Heifers! 254-967-0561. Jersey Cross • Holstein Cross
Posted: 06/07/2019

DAIRY CATTLE FINANCING/LEASING: Maximize your dairy’s profitability! Contact Sunshine Heifers, LLC. 602-768-6678. www.sunshineheifers.com
Posted: 01/19/2019

DAVIS DAIRY CATTLE. Quality selection of springing and shortbred heifers. Milking heifers available. Many AI sired. Mt. Hermon, KY. 270-427-6116. Like us on Facebook!
Posted: 01/10/2019

LOW LEASE RATES ON QUALITY DAIRY CATTLE. Payment based on cows YOU select. Leasing quality cows since 1990. THE SUNRISE GROUP, INC. TOLL FREE: 888-920-6789
Posted: 01/10/2019

CRUMP DAIRY REPLACEMENTS, LLC. Continuous selection of top quality fresh and springing heifers. Baldwin, Georgia. 706-768-2857. crumpdairyreplacements.org. Like us on Facebook.
Posted: 01/10/2019

WANT TO BUY cross/bred and Holstein heifers, bred & open heifers. STEVE MACKEY, Olathe, KS: (816) 225-8510.
Posted: 01/10/2019

HOLSTEIN, JERSEY, & CROSS-BRED Heifers: Fresh, bred, and open. Brookhaven, MS. Web: trobin3636@yahoo.com. Call TOMMY ROBIN: 601-754-7490, 601-833-4799.
Posted: 01/10/2018

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