Posted: Monday, April 10


DAIRY FACILITY & FARM GROUND AUCTION: APRIL 22, 2017 AT 11 A.M. Location: Harmon County Dairy, 17241 East 1580 Road, Hollis, OK 73550 (3 miles North of Hollis, Oklahoma). Dairy sits on 80 acres, 320 irrigated acres adjacent to dairy property. Number of cows permitted: 2,400 +, Number of milking cows dairy will handle: 2,200 head. Type: Open lot with shades and windbreaks. Data scanners: No. Number and size of milk tanks: 2-6,000 gal. Backup power: Cat diesel Generator capable of running entire operation. Number of lock-ups (Wet cows and Dry): 2,400. Free-stalls: No. Manure separator: No. Replacement Heifer Facilities: Facility close by. Commodity Barn and Number of Bays: one barn, 7 bay. Type of Feed: (Commodities, Green-Chop, etc.): corn, corn silage, sorghum silage, wheatlage, alfalfa, cottonseed, cotton burrs, sweet bran. Lagoon(s): 3. Irrigation: Farmland has two center pivots, other water sources include city water and rural water. Animal hospital (Hoof Trimming Chute, etc.): Complete hospital facility with milking stalls and hoof trimming chute. Houses (Main, Foreman's, Labor, etc. Bedrooms, bath, CH&A, sq. footage, etc.): Foreman house, 3 BR, 2 BT, 1200 sq. ft. *All information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.

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Sale conducted by Overland Stock Yard. Jim Moor, Broker, 580-688-9255. Phone: Doug Belezzuoli: 559-816-2806. Tyson Howze: 559-816-5997. Harmon County Dairy Contact: Bart Kirchoff: 580-471-4108.