Posted: 11/16/2017

DECEMBER 9: COMPLETE DISPERSAL: 250 head sell. All Ages. All Stages. Lorreda Swiss Farm. 8630 Loring Rd. Grovespring, MO 65662. 200 Brown Swiss, 20 Milking Shorthorns, 8 Ayrshires, 6 Jerseys, Several cross-breds. Registered or ID'd. DHIR testing. AI bred. TB tested. Sale by Brown Swiss Sale Service, LLC. PO Box 146. Lake Mills, WI 53551920-648-2428. 414-916-2428 cell.
Posted: 12/08/2016

AUCTION: NOVEMBER 24, 2017. CANADIAN HOLSTEINS, Walker Dairy Inc. Auction sale last Friday of every month starting at 12:00 noon. Aylmer, Ontario, Canada. (519) 765 2406.
Posted: 06/20/2016

SUNSHINE HEIFERS: Your leader in dairy cow leasing. Got room in your tank" Why not operate at full capacity and increase your monthly cash flow" Leasing dairy cattle is a resourceful way to increase milk production which increases profits. We have over 55 years of personal dairying experience. Give us a call today to help fill your tank! Contact 602-768-6678.
Posted: 11/10/2017

WI FARMS from 40-400 acres. Harry Machtan Realty, Baraboo, WI. www.machtanrealty.com608-356-8339.
Posted: 11/10/2017

SOUTHWEST WISCONSIN DAIRY HERD. 275 Holsteins, including springers and dry cows. Parlor/freestall. 50 years AI, closed herd. 75 lbs. per day, 2x – 160 average days in milk. Text or call 608-780-1251 or E-Mail
Posted: 11/10/2017

DAIRY MANAGER, CALIFORNIA: 1,000+ Milking. $120,000+. HANSEN AGRI-PLACEMENT. 308-382-7370.
Posted: 11/10/2017

DAIRY MANAGER, TEXAS: 1,000+ Milking. $80,000 - $100,000. HANSEN AGRI-PLACEMENT.308-382-7370.
Posted: 11/10/2017

DAIRY MANAGER, MICHIGAN: 1,000+ Milking. $80,000 - $120,000. HANSEN AGRI-PLACEMENT. 308-382-7370
Posted: 11/10/2017

HERDSMAN, TEXAS: Large Operation. $60,000+. HANSEN AGRI-PLACEMENT. 308-382-7370.
Posted: 10/25/2017

CRUMP DAIRY REPLACEMENTS, LLC. Continuous selection of top quality fresh and springing heifers. Baldwin, Georgia. 706-768-2857. Like us on Facebook.